Pork & Cider at The George, Perth

Pan roast strip loin, roast fennel croquette, apple puree, and goats cheese

Tuesday night saw a party of twelve pork enthusiasts venturing to The George to sample what was on offer as part of their weekly ‘Pork & Cider’ event. The George is mostly known as an inner city wine bar, popular with ‘suits’ on a Friday evening. The dish this week was pan roasted strip loin, served with fennel croquette, apple puree and goat’s cheese. The pork was free range Plantagenet loin and cooked to perfection, deliciously moist and tender, the way pork should be. The accompaniments were proportionately well balanced and texturally so as well, sweet, crunchy, creamy and savoury and well presented.

We also sampled the chorizo which was reasonable, though not particularly noteworthy. Unfortunately, aside from this no other pork related dishes were listed, leaving the table hungry for more and me with little else to really write about! Perhaps it was the fact it was Tuesday night, or that the ‘Pork and Cider’ event was one of many ‘specials’ nights occurring throughout the week, but most of us found the atmosphere to be as you might expect any other night at The George. It’s always tricky to expect restaurant staff to appreciate your enthusiasm for for something they may not share themselves, but the ones looking after our table did their best to play along.

Perth Pork Enthusiasts making grand plans for future feasts of fine swine

Fortunately we were all in good spirits, making up for the physical lack of swine with porky stories and grand plans for future feasts, slow roasts and sausage making. It was great to see so many of you together, some meeting for the first time. Look forward to the next one!

Oh, and there seems to be a bit of an underground movement towards the production of ‘Pork Enthusiast’ badges to accessorize our next outing… watch this space!

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