Pork, the forbidden flesh, the other white meat, the sixth and most important food group, has become something of an obsession to me. Maybe it stems from my upbringing as a Muslim in my early childhood; maybe I’m doomed, maybe that makes me a renegade, I’ll worry about the consequences later. My first encounter with the swine occurred as a sneaky and rebellious tasting of a small piece of bacon from a friend’s carbonara on school camp, hardly a fitting introduction to such a divine substance. Had God actually tried this stuff? From there, my belief in religion has all but fallen to the wayside and my relationship with the noblest of beasts has taken its place. Some people are excited by cars, others like trains, not me, I’m a pork enthusiast and as happy about it as a pig in mud.

The Pork Enthusiast, aka Shah Turner is Australian, originally from Melbourne, now wallowing in Perth.

Me in my natural state, enjoying a weekend at a mate’s farm and smoking some of his home produce in a makeshift smoker.


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