Bacon Week

It’s National Bacon Week here in Australia!

Did I even know this existed until today? NO!
Was I happy that I was only eating a bowl of porridge when Bacon Week was announced on the news this morning? NO!
Is there anything that can possibly stop me for making up for lost time and my proofread my essay extreme lack of awareness the second I get home tonight? NO!

Bacon Week was created by, the national organisation that supports local pork producers, as part of its efforts to promote Australian Pork. Currently almost 2/3rds of all of our bacon is still imported so there is a concerted effort to encourage local producers to register to display the official ‘PorkMark’ logo to let consumers know the meat they are buying is locally produced.

Celebrating from Sydney, 4Fourteen Head Chef, Carla Jones has created (what the?) featuring, besides bacon, a pan-fried duck egg, semi-dried and smoked gourmet truss tomatoes, duck foie gras, caviar, creme fraiche, shaved truffles and English cheddar. Personally not for me, I like to eat my bacon separate from everything else, so I can actually taste it, but heck if you’ve got cash to burn, give it a go!

We also have a , all the way from Mackay in North Queensland, butcher Steve Chapman online essay service has smashed through the previous national record for points awarded, with a fat 293 out of 300 points for his full rasher entry, beating the previous record of 274.  Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a piece of that!


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