Barossa Fine Foods Gourmet Bacon

Surprisingly, I had something of a hankering for some tasty bacon over the weekend. I was perusing the smallgoods section at Fresh Provisions in Mt Lawley who always seem to have a great selection of quality meats and smallgoods. Though the price is always a little higher than elsewhere I’m a great believer that ‘you get what you pay for’.

Bacon from barossa valley
As you can see this bacon was prepared without sodium nitrite (pink salt)

Barossa Fine Foods had a few products on the shelves, in fact a number of types of bacon as part of their ‘Gourmet’ range. I had never tried their products before and normally I steer well clear of anything using the “G” word, I don’t actually think it means anything anymore. In any case, the appearance of the bacon and ‘sodium nitrite free’ (along with gluten free) labelling caught my eye and I thought this would be a great time to compare to the bacon I had sampled the week before. Down it came from the shelf and into the basket via my greedy hands. The bacon is sold in vacuum sealed packs containing six whole rashers.

Further research confirmed that Barossa Fine Foods do indeed operate out of South Australia and are significant operation with several outlets and processing factories. I was disappointed to learn that their pigs are not raised free range or organically but at least they appear to take care with how their meat is processed. In time I hope this may change.

So, onto the bacon itself.  No real need to beat around the bush here, it was sensational.; great texture and consistent colour, a good ratio of flesh to fat and just the right amount of salt and sugar. I wish I’d purchased another packet. The smells wafting through the kitchen had us very excited about breakfast, so much so that I bypassed taking photographs of the finished product!

Bacon from barossa valley cooking
The sound and smell of this bacon sizzling in the pan generated a lot of excitement!

On a serious note: This was something of a guilty pleasure for me; although absolutely delicious, as long as Barossa Fine Foods avoid advocating or indeed using free range pork, as a genuine pork enthusiast I don’t feel its right to support them.

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