Greenvale Farm, Victoria

Truly free range, or open range as some call it means these pigs are free to forage throughout the day to supplement their high quality diet. Pictured here are the ginger Tamworths and Wessex Saddlebacks.

This post goes out to all my fellow pork enthusiasts in Victoria. A close friend has just passed me what could be a very hot tip for some of you! No doubt those of you keeping your eyes peeled will have already come across these guys, and if not, I encourage you to do a little more investigation.

Greenvale Homestead, not far from Ararat on the south-eastern side of the Grampians, is “a Rare Breed Free Range operation running in conjunction with a cropping and sheep operation… Greenvale Farm is situated on the historic Greenvale Homestead property of 1100 acres with the Hopkins River running the length of the property..”

The farm is run by owners Anthony and Amanda Kumnick who stock their farm with three rare breeds including Wessex Saddlebacks, Berkshires and Tamworths. You can learn more about their Greenvale Farm here including a list of places that stock their products in Melbourne.

I haven’t personally tried any of their produce yet, but I would be very keen to sample one of their Christmas hams one year! Hook me up people?!

It also seems a portion of their property, the homestead itself was up for sale last year.


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